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Student Parent Resources

Support for Student Parents and their children

Student Parent

At RCC Library, we are committed to supporting all of our students. We want you to do more than survive-- we want you to thrive.  And we are so proud of you when you do! Our support includes physical resources, academic materials, working with a librarian to get you what you need FAST, presenting you with options for keeping your kids busy so you can study, and snacks! 

We hope you will consider us your allies during your time here at RCC.

Picture of a child on a parent's shoulder. Parent in graduation garb

"Yessenia Cervantes, 34, holds her youngest daughter, Issabella Cervantes, at California Citrus State Historic Park in Riverside on June 17, 2022. “I can’t forget that I’m a mom before anything else,” Cervantes, who recently graduated with an associate’s degree from Riverside City College, said. “I know that I’m working towards something bigger—for my children’s future.” Photo by Pablo Unzueta for CalMatters"