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Early Childhood Anti Bias Books

Self-Love-Affirming Anti Bias Children's Books

This guide showcases books @RCCLibrary for early childhood self-love affirming, anti bias education. Faculty and students in many programs will find it useful for courses, assignments, and work related matters.

Diverse perspectives in children's books can help children develop positive attitudes and empathy toward themselves and their peers. These books can help navigate and start conversations around sensitive topics. 

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Transcription of above image showing four hands of varying colors in a circle (all for one style): Anti-Bias Education Goals for Children. 1. First hand with words "Self Love".  Arrow pointing to words "Gain Self awareness, confidence, and pride in themselves." 2. Second  hand with words "Embrace differences.  Arrow pointing to words "Embrace and celebrate differences and develop accurate language to understand diversity." 3. Third hand with words "Identify Bias." Arrow pointing to words "Identify unfairness and bias, have language to define inequity, and understand that bias hurts. 4. Fourth hand: "Demonstrate Empowerment." Arrow pointing to words "Be empowered to advocate against prejudice and bias."

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