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Resources for Welding students

Welding Classes at RCC

Welding Technology

Welding Technology AS606/CE606


Major Core Requirements:

Required Courses (36 Units) Units
WEL-15 Introduction to Basic Shield Metal Arc Welding 3
WEL-16 Advanced Shielded Metal Arc Welding 3
WEL-35 Semi-Automatic Welding 3
WEL-55A Gas Tungsten Arc Welding-Plate Material 3
WEL-55B Gas Tungsten Arc Welding-Exotic Metals 3
WEL-60 Advanced Pipe and Plate Laboratory 2
WEL-61 Certification for Licensing of Welders 3
ENE-21 Drafting 3
ENE-60 Math for Engineering Technology 3
ENG-50 Basic English Composition 4
(Choose from list below) 6
ENE-51 Blueprint Reading 2
ENE-85 Basic Metallurgy 3
WEL-25 Introduction to Oxyacetylene Welding 3
WEL-34 Metal Joining Processes 2 or    
ENE-34 Metal Joining Processes 2 or    
MAN-34 Metals Joining Processes 2
WEL-200 Welding Work Experience 1-2-3-4

Associate in Science Degree

The Associate in Science Degree in Welding Technology will be awarded upon completion of the requirements for the certificate, plus completion of the graduation requirements as described in the catalog, as well as electives totaling 60 units of college work as required for the associate degree.


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