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A Few Words of Caution...

Please keep in mind the following:

  • The Library and the Bookstore are two separate entities!  The bookstore sells books, the library LOANS them out -- some for three weeks at a time, others for just an hour or two. To purchase your textbook, go to the Riverside City College Bookstore, or buy it from their online store.  If you do not know which book(s) you need, the bookstore's website can help you determine that as well.
  • You must know the title/author/year/edition of your textbook to search for your book in the Library Catalog.  This information is usually found in your Course Syllabus.  If it is not listed, you can look up this information in the Bookstore's online store.
  • If you do find your textbook in the Library Catalog, double check the edition and publication year.  Most of the time if we do have a textbook, it is an older, out-of-date edition which may or may not still be helpful...ask your instructor if an older edition is acceptable.  Library books from the Main Stacks check out for 21 days.


Search for Books at the RCC Library (OneSearch)

TEXTBOOKS IN THE LIBRARY (OK to check-out during COVID-19)

The library cannot afford to purchase a textbook for every course taught at RCC. If your instructor donated a textbook, watch the video below for instructions on how to place a hold for pickup at one of the library's curbside events.

When the library re-opens, textbooks will revert to 2-hour library use only. Textbooks  are located in the Reserve Section behind the circulation desk on the main floor (across from the Computer Commons). You will need to provide the textbook's call number along with your RCC student ID card to check-out textbooks.



Books including textbooks may be checked out during COVID. View these detailed instructions for more information. Note: scroll below the campus map for screen shots of the hold process.