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Course Content Library

The library is committed to creating useful content in a variety of modalities to meet student needs. This can sometimes make choosing from our instructional material a bit confusing. We hope having it all gathered here will make it easier. Some links below may open up to a different tab. 

If you have an Information Literacy topic you would like to see content developed for or if you find any errors that need correcting, please contact Sally Ellis

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Canvas Modules

The following modules are available within the Canvas Commons area.  The images below will link you to our RCC content.  You can then download and import the content into your shell.  You have the option of using it all or just some portions of it.

character shooting arrow over brick wall towards target
characters running around lost
character being robbed by masked character
grim reaper saying

Research Guides

We have developed guides to meet several needs of the student and your classes: class specific and tutorial based. In addition, we also have those centered around issues of equity, celebrating inclusiveness, and diversifying your curriculum. These guides are available to be embeddied directly into your Canvas page using the plug icon, as shown in our Embedding Content section, or you can bring them up in a f2f setting via URL.

Discipline/Course Guides


Keep your students' attention by using interactive tutorials. You can use these as stand-alone lessons or you can use these as parts of our Canvas Modules. Students are required to input their names and the Professor they are completing the modules for.  If you would like an excel sheet of the students from your class who participated, please contact Sally Ellis for that. 


YouTube Videos

Our YouTube videos can be embedded via your Canvas Rich Text Editor, using the icon that looks like a plug. Instructions for embedding via Canvas are available.  Simply search "@RCCLibrary" for our offerings once you are in the tool.  If you would like to use our content outside of Canvas, you can simply hit the share button on any video below to get links.

I Need Help!
Free Textbooks
Accessing Digitized Textbooks
Choosing a Database
Filtering for the Good Stuff
Library Orientation

Other Tools (vetted for accessibility)

  • Handouts



Embedding Guides & Videos Using the Canvas Plug Icon

Using the available apps icon, you can embed library content directly from Canvas. To see larger versions of the following, right-click on one and choose Open in New Tab.

AVON Movies

1. Canvas app plug 2. Alexander Street 3.Search box

YouTube Embedding

1. Canvas app icon 2. YouTube 3.Done 4.Search for Content using @RCCLibrary 5. Embed

Research Guides

1. Canvas app icon 2. RCC Library Course Material 3.Library Research Guides 4. Full Libguide 5. Native Perspectives 6. Embed

Textbooks from the Library

The next best option to OER, is to be aware of the print, Ebook, and digitized versions of your textbooks we have in the library.  Given budget allowances, we do our best to have a wide selection of required textbooks.  For print copies, these can be used in the library building for 2 hours at a time.  Ebooks, depending on licensing, can be used by anywhere from 1 to an unlimited numbers of students simultaneously.  For books we have digitized here in the library, they are available for a 1 hour lending period with option to renew, and the number of simultaneous users depends on the number of physical copies we own. 

For more information, please see YouTube Videos above in Course Content Library above.

Please come to us and let us provide you with links to these for your Canvas shells and students. These should replace any PDFs of reading material you have in your class, in order to be copyright compliant, accessible, and raise your ALLY scores.

To have a book digitized, please click the Begin button below.





Textbooks Available for Free Online (Open Web)


If you are looking to adopt and OER textbook, please see our guide, OER (Open Educational Resources), which will direct you to well known credible repositories for this information.

Books Available on the Open Web

At this time, there are a few places to search.  The easiest searches are these:

Internet Archive

How to Register for Internet Archive

Note: When you borrow an eBook from the Internet Archive, you can choose a 1 hour checkout and/or a 14 day checkout period.  With the 1 hour, you can renew each hour.  See the FAQs for more information about access.

JSTOR Open Access

For an *exhaustive list* see the following crowdsourced Google doc, continually updated (many of these free offers ended in June of 2020).

Not Finding What You'd Like?

Contact your library liaison for your department/Guided Pathway.


STEM/ Health-Related Services

Jacqueline Lesch

Shannon Hammock


Languages and Humanities/ Social and Behavioral Sciences

Sally Ellis


Visual and Performing Arts/ Advanced Technical Trades/ Business and Information System/ Education and Teacher Preparation

Daniel Slota


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Using Permalinks Instead of PDFs

Many of you also have discovered that PDFs you have added to your Canvas shell are inaccessible per equity and 508 compliance. Unfortunately, we needed to also remind everyone about copyright requirements related to sharing resources from library databases in your online courses.


Now What? Fear Not!

Here are some easy things to remember

  • Do not upload content (such as articles in PDF format) from library databases to Canvas, or send it by email -- this violates copyright and our license agreements with databases and puts continuing access to database content in jeopardy.


  • Do share content from library databases with students by providing them with the permalink to access the content within the database themselves -- this not only honors our legal agreements but allows us to track the usage of database content, which is important to our decision-making when budgets require us to cut databases. If you share material from databases directly, we have no way of determining the demand for that material.


Here's How To Do It

  • Databases have a permalink option at the article level. For eBooks, permalinks are available at the book and the page level.

Please let us know if you have any trouble locating the permalinks in a database and we'll be more than happy to help! Please do not use the URL in the address bar of the browser. This is not a stable URL and will not work. Please see the images below for where the icon is in different databases. To see larger versions, right-click and choose "Open in New Tab."


gale page on Sylvia Rivera, arrow to permalink ico

Note: to link to the whole book rather than a page, use permalink icon on book description page.

EBSCO eBooks

1. Permalink Icon 2. Copy & Paste


1. Click on Share Button 2. Copy and Paste URL


Newsbak article with permalink icon
  • Linking to specific databases: The links to the databases can be found on the A-Z list. These can be copied and pasted into your Canvas courses. Using these links will take students to the login page.  They will simply type in their student email addresses to authenticate.

right click on any database name and copy the link.  database list with pop up for copy and paste


Can I Just Copy the URL from the Address Bar?

No, the URL in the address bar are not stable, meaning students will not be taken back to the resource you'd like them to have.  Use the permalinks offered somewhere on the page (this differs by database) [Images to follow]

Please let us know if you or your students would like any help from your librarians! We're all here to help in any way we can.



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