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RCC Historical Archive Information

Riverside Digital Library

RCC Historical Archive Information


Tiger Times

Print Books

Archival Boxes from Coil School for the Arts with files dating from 1992-2006

Contents of Boxes from Coil School for the Arts Dating from 1992-2008

Box 1:  Eleven binders listed as containing:

                       Special Projects-

                        St. Peters-Wilson

                       RSA COR-

                        Film Studies
                        Art Digital Media
                        Other Courses
                        Applied Digital Media
                        Interactive Entertainment
                        Film Television and Video

                        Threepenny Opera-

Box 2:  Contains eight binders with RSA Budget Reports for:

                        FY 2002/2003
                        FY 2003/2004
                        FY 2004/2005
                        FY 2005/2006
                        FY 2006/2007,  Vol. 1
                        FY 2006/2007,  Vol. 2
                        FY 2007/2008
                        FY 2008/2009

Box 3:  Contains seven Events/Activities binders listed as containing:

Events/Activities Retreats Volume 1, 2
Events Activities Miscellaneous Volume 1, 2
Events/Activities CW Screenwriting
Events/Activities Pathways to Production

Box 4:  Contains grant files with forty-five file folders with information on various grants for the Riverside School of Arts listed from 2001-2008.

Box 5:  Contains contracts for Riverside School for the Arts.  Contains DVDs and documents about participation in the Acme Animations Network.  Folders include content for:

                        ACME Animation Network 2008-2009
                        Garrett, Kelly-GET Entertainment
                        Guest Lecturers
                        IEFC Film Commission
                        Master, Dave
                        Nguyen, DUY Dan
                        Small Potatoes Productions LLL Penny Styles McLean
                        Bodie Smith dba Placid Pictures
                        Wen River Productions; James Farge
                        ACME Panel
                        Chkeidze, Margarita
                        Christopher Ramirez
                         Elderman, Michael J.
                         Fall 2008 Lecturers
                         McLean, Jack
                         Wells, Joan
                         Ybarra, Ralph
                         Chris Beach dba the Performance Loft
                         Halquist, Celia
                         Harper Webb, Charles
                         Karabell, Shellie
                         Lang, Mary Jo
                         LOVE U Musical
                         Pittel, Harry
                         Barnstone, Tony
                         Branch Woodman
                         Dan Blessing
                        1/6/06 Doc’s to Allan Peterson
                         Hendrickson, Dale
                         James Moody
                         Yanofsky, Joel
                         Armalyn Dlao V-A-12b
                         Dan Cork
                         Karen Hyden
                         Kirsten Johansen V-A-1-c
                         John Pennington V-A-1-2-a
                         Summer Youth Worker Program
                         Arriola, Max
                         Abernathy, Cleven
                         Izuriets, Kathleen
                         Student Employees
                         Wilson, Jacob

Box 6:  Contains file folders regarding Riverside School for the Arts curriculum and programs. 
             Folders are labeled:

                                    Citrus College
                                    Welding and Bill Gardner
                                    ESL Discipline
                                    RSA Curriculum Bonnie Pavlis
                                    RSA Simulation and Gaming
                                    Dance Faculty Rita C 8234 Pilates 2/1 Classroom 10 am
                                    Art-Visual Culture and New Media
                                    Film Studies Program
                                    RSA Planning May 29, 2008
                                    EPortfolios Arend Flick
                                    Nuview ECHS
                                    Applied Technology Dept Meetings
                                    Art Department Meetings
                                    Dr. Rotella
                                    ADM-Ross Clark
                                    America’s Song
                                    Art-Animation Certificate
                                    Art and Design
                                    English 13 Intro Playwriting
                                    English 36 Intro to Film Studies
                                    English 38 Intro to Screenwriting
                                    Film Production
                                    Humanities 3 Creativity
                                    Radio Audio Technology
                                    RSA Simulation and Gaming
                                    Multi Media Programs
                                   Film Production and Audio Engineering
                                   Radio and Television: Audio Technology
                                   Film Studies
                                   Digital Post Production
                                   Digital Media: Audi Engineering and Production
                                   Digital Media Interactive Entertainment
                                   Digital Media Motion Graphics
                                   Digital Media: Printing
                                   Digital Media Multimedia Design
                                   Digital Media Web Design and Development
                                   Digital Media Animation
                                   Applied Media: Illustration
                                   Applied Design: Production Design and Interior Spatial Design
                                   Fine Arts, General
                                   Visual Arts: New Media
                                   Music: Music Technology
                                   Fashion Design and Teledramatic Styling
                                   Commercial Dance
                                   1008.00 Dance
                                   Art: Applied Design
                                   Fashion Merchandising
                                   Ethnic Studies: Interdisciplinary
                                   Ethnic Studies
                                   RSA RA Projected Programs
                                   Commercial Music Disciplines
                                   Photography 1011.00 and 1012.00
                                   Fullerton College
                                   Santa Monica
                                   Santa Barbara City College
                                   Palomar College
                                   RSA Course Flyers
                                   RSA Related Articles
                                   RSA General Personnel
                                   Projected Programs January 2, 2007 Maghroori
                                   Official State Changes
                                   Creative Writing CDC
                                   David Nelson/Jodi Julian
                                   Music Major
                                  China Pictures 6/26
                                  Arts and the Indian Community 6/19
                                  Curriculum Committee
                                  RSA Curriculum Cynthia and Karin
                                  Short Films
                                  Ballet Folklorico

Box 7:  Contains community files regarding planning and proposals for the School for the Arts.  Contains thirty-five 11” x 12” transparency frames
             dated from June 4, 1999 as program for presentation to the Riverside Chamber of Commerce.

Box 8:  Contains binders regarding vendors, contracts and billing information including:

                        Richard Stover Report 2003
                        Performance Riverside Analysis and Final Report-Riverside Stover
                        Events/Activities ADM and X-Folios
                        Events/Activities ART and Animation
                        Sarah J. Stevenson Contract and General Info
                        Sarah J. Stevenson 2004/2005, 2006/2007, 2007/2008
                        RSA Faculty PDC 07-09
                        RSA Web Page Interest
                        Riverside City College Mission Statement Sub-Committee

Box 9:  Contains DVDs, Files and General Supplies

                        Fall/Spring 2005 Muse
                        Celebrate Dance DVD
                        Threepenny Opera DVD
                        Bill Boyle: Respecting the Antagonist 7 Copies
                        John Warren: Screenwriter-Guest Lecturer 2 Copies
                        Writers at RCC: Thomas E. Kennedy and Duff Brenna 5 Copies
                        Riverside Arts Walk on first Thursdays
                        Erick on Animator-Gelest Lecturer
                        GDC-Radio CD 7 Copies
                        RCC Film, Television and Video Program CD 4 Copies
                        Back Up files 48 Copies
                        What’s Next GDC:  06 Audio Proceedings GDC Mobiles 7 Copies
                        Managing Stress CD
                        RSA Apple Event 2005
                        RSA Apple Event
                        Camille Saint-Saens Carnival of the Animals Donniln Blake
                        Disk/Photos RSA Spring, Fall 2005
                        Recital Pictures
                        Nuview Bridge Early College High School Tina Frey(951)928-8498
                        Inland Valley News Show 3
                        RSA Seminar August 2006
                        James Moody in Concert at the DLLRC
                        Feet on the Street Riverside School for the Arts
                        3-7-2006 RSA F/O
                        11/2005 8/25 RSA Task Force Summaries
                        Lances Documents Performance Riverside
                        Calendar 12-8-04
                        Documents 12-04-04
                        RSA Mailing List and Labels
                        Office Depot 2005/2008
                        Staples/Corporate Express 2005-2010            

Box 10:    Contains RSA files from Tish Chavez, RCC Administrative Assistant including:

                        RSA Curriculum Feasibility Study
                        Riverside City College 1916-1981
                        Riverside School for Performing and Media Arts
                        RCC Arts Design, Cost and Feasibility
                        Gould Evans City of Riverside
                        IDYLLWILD Arts Dorm Parent Handbook
                        RSA Site Investigation Rufus Barkley
                        RSA Endowments Proposal 1992-1994
                        RSA Overheads
                        RSA Binders

Box 11:   Contains 6 notebooks of RSA files from Tish Chavez, RCC Administrative Assistant including:
                        Design, Cost and Feasibility Analysis
                        RSA Grants
                        4 volumes of communications dating from 1992

Box 12:   Contains variety of RSA files from Tish Chavez, RCC Administrative Assistant  including:

                        RSA Brochures
                        RSA File Index
                        RSA Advisory Committee
                        RSA Agreement Community Partners Adele Fleet Bacow
                        RSA Agreement Burgard, B.N.
                        RSA Agreement 2002 James Catterall
                        RSA Agreement James Catterall Letter of Agreement
                        Sweeney, Tim RSA
                        RSA Washington, Lobbying & Legislature PR
                        RSA Work Plans
                        RSA Trademarks, Application and Documents
                        RSA Trademark
                        RSA UCR Billing
                        Vancouver Film School 1996
                       Warner Bros./Masters – School of the Arts
                       WB Acme Training Network
                       RSA Press File Clippings, Etc.
                       RSA Projector Information
                       RSA Ralph Magna’s Digital Empire Film
                       RSA Request for Quotations
                       Riverside Art Call to Action
                       RSA Revised Budgets FIE 1 & 2   
                       RSA Santa Ana School of the Arts
                       RSA Search Committee
                       RSA Joint Faculties
                       RSA Multi Media/Heiting/Airport
                       RSA Position Descriptions
                       RSA Possible Candidate
                       RSA Presentation
                       RSA HUD Costs
                       RSA-Final Report HUD/Erickson
                       RSA HUD/RSA Grant Reports
                       RSA HUD/RSA Grant
                       Inland Empire Films
                      RSA Heiting Building
                      RSA  Heiting Building MOU w/City Redevelopment Agency
                      RSSA FIG 2002
                      Build Comments
                      Communication with Ken Calvert’s Office 2001 Earmarks
                      RSA Info Coverage Magazine September 1998 Premier Issue
                      RSA Geographics Proposal
                      FIE#2 Awarded June 2002
                      RSA-2001-02 Earmark #1 (1/2002)
                      RSA Grant for FIE Application
                      RSA Earmark DOE Application 2001 FIE #1 
                      RSA Project Progress Report FIE #1-Yr 1
                      RSA Grant: Fund for the Improvement of Education, U.S. Department of Education
                      FIE Earmark Grant Award 2003
                      RSA Costs
                      Creative Community Index
                      RSA Curriculum Development Project 2001
                      RSA Downtown Riverside Retail Entertainment Strategy & Action
                      Standard 3 Committee
                      RSA Film School/Multimedia Center (Kickstart Film School)

Also contains four notebooks entitled “Statement of Qualifications and Visual Response for RIVERSIDE SCHOOL OF THE ARTS by Gruen Associates dated September 2nd, 2003 and nine publicity brochures projecting search for Dean of RSA and projected RSA opening in 2002

Box 13:   Contains variety of RSA files from 1998-2005 sent by Tish Chavez  including curriculum and facilities planning materials.  Includes:

            Draft of Final Project Proposal Budget Year 2005-2006 dated 6/9/2003
            Draft of Curriculum Proposal for Initial Phase of Instruction, 11/2003 
            RSA Preliminary Site Analysis, July 1999 
            RSA Proposal for Architectural Services                           
            RSA Preliminary Site Investigation, 11/ 2001
            RSA Presentation of Qualifications Frederick Fisher and Partners Architects 
            September 11 Perspectives from the Field of Philanthropy, The Foundation Center
            Several publications and brochures from fine arts schools in the U.S.           

Box 14:   Contains variety of RSA files dating from 1998 to 2005 sent by Tish Chavez.  Includes:

                        Multiple copies of RSA planning brochures
                        DVD dated 12/1/1998 entitled Arts Literacy for a Changing America
                        DVD labeled The North Carolina School of the Arts
                        RSA notebook Curriculum and Facilities Planning Retreat Resource Materials
                        Design, Cost and Feasibility Analysis by Riverside Commercial Investors



Archive Materials in Boxes

RCC Archives

Box 1

Contains 6 binders.

Four binders contain records of students including names, addresses and voucher and payment amounts through Veterans Administration to Riverside Junior College from 1946-1951.

            Binder 1 is organized by student last name (A-D)

            Binder 2 is organized by student last name (E-K)

            Binder 3 is organized by student last name (L-P)

            Binder 4 is organized by student last name (Q-Z)

The fifth binder contains vouchers labeled #107-389

The sixth binder contains vouchers labeled 81A-459.  It is labeled “Inactive” on the first page and contains separate sections for:

  •  All Vouchers
  • Rehab Vouchers
  • Reclaim Vouchers
  • Adult Division
  • Aviation
  • State Vouchers
  • Books, Supplies, Equipment
  • Navy Vouchers
  • Tuition Vouchers
  • ASB Fees Vouchers

Note accompanying box dated 7/9/13 stated that binders are “record-keeping notebooks donated to Helena at the Veterans Office from Adrienne Fisher, North Hall @ Accounting Services. Note stated that” Helena would like them back if we cannot use them” and gave extension number for Helena at x8602 and Adrienne at x8076.

Box 2

Contains (3) photo albums and (3) loose publications

Loose Publication 1 is a copy of the CMEA magazine, dated September/October 1999. This is a publication of the California Association for Music Education.

Loose Publication 2 is a folder containing (4) copies of a title page for “Women of the Podium: a Concert March” by Virginia A. Allen.

Loose Publication 3 is a snap bound Member Information Packet of The Riverside Winds, founded by Roger E. Rickson.

Photo Album 1 is a brown 3 ring album containing (4) pages of black and white pictures with the development dates of April 1970 and September 1972. An envelope stuck in the album has a return address of Roger E. Rickson, Director of the Corona Senior High Jazz Ensemble and contains (2) small b/w pictures of a male (a copy of the same picture is placed on the first page of the album).

Photo Album 2 is a red 3 ring album containing (11) pages of mixed color and black and white photographs. Varying dates of photography evident.

Photo Album 3 is a green 3 ring album containing (112) pages of color and black and white photographs and negatives.  From the dates on the negatives, the collection appears to be from 1984-1985 and contains many photos of musical performances, practices, and students.  One loose page in the back is a Biography page of Gordy Johlke, Trumpet player and Guest Artist for the Music Festival in May 24, 1985.

Note accompanying box with printed date of November 2010 is a list of names and phone numbers and possible donation ideas. 

Roger E. Rickson was a long-time RCC instrumental music professor, and conductor of the Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, and Riverside Winds, who originally established a scholarship trust fund to assist deserving students in honor of his mother, Naomi Rickson. At his death in 2003, additional funds were added and the scholarship was renamed in Roger’s name.  The Roger Rickson Memorial Endowed Osher Scholarship is awarded to a continuing music student who has completed at least 24 units at RCC, who demonstrates financial need, and who has taken music courses for transfer to a four year institution.

Box 3

Contains miscellaneous ephemera from Roger E. Rickson’s music career.  Roger E. Rickson was the Director of the Corona Senior High Jazz Ensemble and a long-time RCC instrumental music professor.  He was the conductor of the Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, and Riverside Winds and originally established a scholarship trust fund to assist deserving students in honor of his mother, Naomi Rickson. 

There are six folders containing a variety of paper materials involving music themes from the 1980s to the early 1990’s. 

Folder 1 contains what appears to be teaching materials, including biographies/clippings on various composers, style guides, and various historical items.

Folder 2 contains photographs and programs from various musical performances conducted by Roger; a 45 record recording; and clippings highlighting Roger as a music person. 

The other folders contain a variety of print musical references including newspaper clippings and instructional music publications.

Included in the collection are loose copies of:

  • The Wind Recordings of Frederick Fennell
  • A Tribute to John Philip Sousa (RCC Honor 1990 Band)
  • RCC Conducting Workshop April, 1977 Collected Research Analysis Articles
    from the Instrumentalist

Included are several envelopes containing photographs, film slides and negatives portraying musical experiences and personal or family photos.  There are also two CDs entitled Bandworks VII Concert Band Music and New Concert Band Music for 2000-2001.

Box 4

Contains items from the collection of Joyce Carter Vickery.  Contents include:

  • A notebook with information including correspondence, photos and newspaper clippings on the Trujillo Adobe Project. Contains original copy signed (his and her marks) by Teodoro Trujillo and Peregrina de Trujillo in 1879 regarding the selling of portions of the Jurupa Rancho for $700.00 in gold coins to Francisco A. Sanchez.
  • A folder with information on the Trujillo Adobe Project including an oral history with Olive Trujillo Vlahovich titled “A conversation with Aunt Olive”
  • 2 folders with material on Ramona and Helen Hunt Jackson including extensive notes for presentations by Riverside Museum docents with listing of slides and 2 slide holders.
  • A notebook labeled “Vickery Museum” with extensive information on the Riverside Museum Association Docent program.  Includes copies of Riverside Museum Associates Report from 1995-1998 and listings of docents with names, addresses and phone numbers from 1990-1991.
  • A notebook labeled “current projects” from 1995 outlining plans for publication of the Journal of the Riverside Historical Society.
  • A Carousel Universal Slide Tray with 52 slides on Ramona for presentation on Ramona by Joyce Vickery.
  • File folder with 5 copies of UC Extension Class handouts and brochures about the Mission Inn including schedule and tour of the Mission Inn. Includes jacket cover from Sunset Book titled The California Missions: A Pictorial History
  • Notebook labeled “History California & Local J. Vickery” with extensive copies from RUSD curriculum papers focusing on the history of California missions, California ranches and the Riverside colony period.
  • 2 copies of a paper written in 1975 by Joyce G. Carter for the Riverside Municipal Museum titled “Prohibition in a Dry Town: The Problem of Enforcement in Riverside, California” (sic).
  • Notebook with a paper dated 12-20-82 from Joan Hall containing a “Diary of Two Decades” from November 1875 to December 1882 with notes that appeared in the PRESS & HORTICULTURIST beginning in November 1896.
  • File folder titled “Literary info re: Riverside Co.” with paper titled ““LITERARY PERSONS AND PLACES OF RIVERSIDE COUNTY” compiled by Ronald J. Baker, RCCPL Local History Office. Dated October, 1989.
  • Notebook and folder with materials copied from Early California Costumes, 1769-1847 and Historic Flags of California.
  • Copy of The Franciscan “Pony Express” of California in 1803.  One of 310 copies and signed by author, Maynard Geiger, Whitney T. Genns, and Roger Levenson. 

Box 5

Contains Dissertations from 7 individuals associated with RCCD

  • Frank W. Budd (2 copies)-Director and Instructor in Administration of Justice at RCC from 1974. Associate Dean of Academic Services Occupational Education from 1978. Assistant Superintendent and Vice- President of Student Services from 1985-1991. President Salt Lake Community College 1991-2000.  Joined Weber State University as Professor of Criminal justice in 2000.
  • Brenda Davis-at RCC 1975-1977 and 1980-1994 as Dean, Grants and Contract Education
    and Associate Professor, Nursing.  Provost at Norco College 1994-2006.  First President
    of Norco College 2006-2013.
  • Cecil Dennis Green (2 hardbound copies) – Professor of Business Administration at RCC
    from 1966-1999 and Professor Emeritus, Business Administration 1999-2013.
  • Samuel Huang-Professor Biology/Health Services 1974-1998 and Professor Emeritus
    Biology/Health Services 1999-2014 at RCC.  First person to be granted full professorship at RCC 1985 and received Teacher of the Year Award twice.  Author, Riverside Landmarks, 1979. Created 55-foot mural outside RCC Life Sciences building in 1975.
  • Michael Lee Maas-RCC Assistant Superintendent and Vice President, Planning and Development and Associate Professor, Chemistry 1980-1988.
  • Terrence John O’Neill-RCC Associate Professor, Physics since 1987
  • Paul Roby-RCC Dean, Natural Sciences and Associate Professor, Anatomy and Physiology 1951-1992.  RCC Professor Emeritus, Anatomy and Physiology 1992-2005.
    Co-author of Health science: a Modular Approach written in 1978.


RCCD College Catalogs 1916-Present

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