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Introduction to the Library: Getting Started

Learn about all that the RCC Library has to offer from services and resources to materials for use and checkout.

What is the Assignment?

How do we decide what information is needed for an assignment? Understanding exactly what our instructor is asking us to do is essential! In order to meet the instructors requirements and expectations you should:

  1. Read the assignment sheet or prompt carefully.
  2. Review the class syllabus.
  3. Consult with the instructor if you have questions.

Information Sources

There are a wide variety of sources both in print and in electronic form to draw from when conducting research for your assignment. These information sources include:

  • Books - Main Stack, Reference, and Electronic (ebooks)
  • Media - Videos, Music, Images, etc.
  • Periodicals - Magazines, Journals, and Newspapers
  • Internet - Websites, email, blogs, etc.

Many instructors specify which sources of information they want you to use on the assignment sheet or prompt.

Information Cycle

This video describes how information on an event is published across various sources.

Don't Panic


A research log helps you document where and how you found your information. It will assit you in re-tracing your steps should you need to find an item(s) again, and will help you generation citations for your bibliography: