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Introduction to the Library: Evaluating Information

Learn about all that the RCC Library has to offer from services and resources to materials for use and checkout.

Why Evaluate?

Information on the web is often more difficult to evaluate and deem reliable. Unlike the information you find in books, videos, and periodicals in the library, web information is usually not "filtered" or reviewed by editors or authorities on the subject prior to publication. Anyone, anywhere can post anything!

C.R.A.P. Test

Does your resource pass the C.R.A.P. test?

Currency - Is it recent enough information for your needs?

Reliability - What kind of information is presented? Is it balanced? Does the author cite sources?

Authority - Who is the author and what are their credentials?

Purpose/Point-of-View - What is the intent of the resource? Does the author state facts or opinions?

C.R.A.P. Test Video

Evaluation Guides

Baloney Detection Kit

Source: Provided by Daniel Peluso via Skeptic