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Introduction to the Library: Articles

Learn about all that the RCC Library has to offer from services and resources to materials for use and checkout.

Library Databases

The Databases A-Z section of the library website provides access to online articles and ebooks. When accessing online articles through the library you are able to retrieve articles for FREE that you would otherwise have to pay for if you were to go directly to the publisher's website.

Databases A-Z Screenshot

Database Login Instructions

Remote access allows current students, faculty, and staff to search the RCC library's electronic resources from off-campus locations. You will need a computer with Internet access.

Your User ID and Password is:

User ID: 7-digit student number or faculty/staff employee number

Password: First initial of your first name and up to six letters of your last name, all lower case with no spaces (e.g., John Smith = jsmith)

Scholarly v. Popular

Your instructor may specify that you use scholarly journals for your assignment. For this reason, it is important for you to be able to distiguish between a scholarly journal and a popular magazine.