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Government Information

Government information includes any publications issued by local, state, national, or international governments. If you are writing a research paper, a search for government information on your topic should be an essential step in your search.

Elections and Voting

  • Election Information
    • California Proposed Initiative Measures - The California Office of the Attorney General provides titles and a summaries for proposed California statewide initiative measures prior to the circulation of qualification petitions. This web site makes available: The full text of Active Measures submitted for preparation of a circulating title and summary; a list of withdrawn or failed proposals (for year 2001); report of status of measures being circulated; brief summary of process for qualifying statewide initiatives.
    • Election and Voting Information for the State of California
    • Politics1 - California - Connects to web sites of candidates for California statewide offices and United States Congress, California political parties, California state election office, and California news sources.
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