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Streaming Video Guide

What Do We Have & How Do You Use It?

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SWANK films are licensed by RCC Library for use in the classroom, both in person and online. 

RCC Library has subscribed to the TOP 1000 Collection. Titles in this collection are based on the top 1000 most frequently requested films for academic viewing.  Please be advised that titles may change from year to year, based on request data SWANK collects.

Note: Our SWANK License does not come with public performance rights. What does that mean?  You can only show the movies to students enrolled in your course, as part of your curriculum. 

A Taste of the Top 1000 Requested Movies

Swank partners with major Hollywood studios, documentary providers, independent filmmakers and international film companies to provide a diverse library of  films  including titles like Dunkirk,” “Moonlight,” “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “An Inconvenient Truth.” The wide range of titles ensures all academic departments can find the movies needed for their classroom to promote active and engaged learning.