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In General

Creating and checking citations will be much easier if you recognize the pattern.  It helps to think of your resources like a Russian nesting doll.  Each "container" is in its own font and in its own order.

What Goes...

"In Quotes"

Small containers (if what you read or watched is part of a larger item) it goes in quotes. You may not have a small chunk because you read/watched the whole thing. If so, start with the Big chunk.

  • Article Tiles
  • Webpage Name
  • Chapter Titles
  • Scene Title

In Italics

Big containers (where the small containers live) get italicized.

  • Book Title
  • Journal Title
  • Magazine Title
  • Newspaper Title
  • Video Title
  • Website Name
  • Artwork Title
  • And the biggest container of all (if there is one): Database name.

In Regular Font

  • Content Creators: Authors, Publishers, Production Companies, uploaders on YouTube
  • dates
  • urls
  • and everything else

Example of an Article in a Database:

Author Last Name, First Name. “I Read this Small Chunk Article.” In this Big Chunk Journal, vol. #, no. #, Date. From this Biggest Chunk Database, URL or doi.

Example of a Print Book:

Author Last Name, First Name. I Read this Whole Big Chunk Book. From This Publisher, Published in this Year.