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Faculty Help in the Time of COVID

avoid issues by permalinking


Many of you also have discovered that PDFs you have added to your Canvas shell are inaccessible per equity and 508 compliance. Unfortunately, we wanted to also remind everyone about copyright requirements related to sharing resources from library databases in your online courses.

Now What?

  • DO NOT upload content (such as articles in pdf format) from library databases to Canvas, or send it by email -- this violates copyright and our license agreements with databases and puts continuing access to database content in jeopardy.  


  • DO share content from library databases with students by providing them with the permalink to access the content within the database themselves -- this not only honors our legal agreements but allows us to track the usage of database content, which is important to our decision-making when budgets require us to cut databases. If you share material from databases directly, we have no way of determining the demand for that material.

Here's How To Do It

  • Permalinks in Databases: Databases have a permalink option at the article level and sometimes at the search results level. Please let us know if you have any trouble locating the permalinks in a database and we'll be more than happy to help! Please do not use the URL in the address bar of the browser. This is not a stable URL and will not work.
  • Linking to specific databases: The links to the databases can be found on the library's A-Z page. These can be copy and pasted into your Canvas courses. Using these links will require a remote login.

Research Guides: You can share the links to these in your Canvas courses. The link in the address bar will work for these guides.

Please let us know if you or your students would like any help from your librarians! We're all here to help in any way we can.