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Female Leadership at RCCD

Female Leadership at RCCD (mostly Riverside City College)

Faculty Authors

Faculty Authors (books held at the RCC Library)

Bette Fauth

Bette Fauth Retrospective: 1940’s – 1990’s

Helen Hickock

Leaf of Freedom

Short Stories

Lee Kochenderfer

Learning and Study Strategies as They Relate to Academic Success in the Community College

Gloria Leifer

Growth and Development Across the Lifespan

Introduction to Maternity & Pediatric Nursing

Gail Maul

Beyond Limit: Ways to Growth and Freedom

Pamela Patey

Wordstar Made Easy

Patricia Scileppi Krivanek

How Then Shall We Live: Values for Interpersonal Communication

Jo Scott-Coe

Teacher at Point Blank

Winifred Turner

Off Your Slippers (and Slip into Malaysia)

Ingrid Wicken

Pray for Snow

Skiing in Southern California

Faculty Contributions

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