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For information on how to detect plagiarism by students - view the Electronic Plagiarism Seminar, provided by LeMoyne College.
One of the sections lists Plagiarism Detection Sites.
Before giving your students a library assignment, checkout this site:
Guidelines for Effective Library Assignments

Arrange to bring your students to the library, where a librarian will show them how to make best use of library services. Orientations can be customized to your needs. If there are specific resources or services you would like to have emphasized, be sure to let the librarian know. A minimum of one week’s notice is needed for scheduling an orientation.
Riverside Campus, call: Jacqueline Lesch 951-222-8656

Collection Development / Recommend a Purchase
If you discover that the library is missing an important resource, please, let us know. Paper forms are also available at all three RCCD libraries.

If you have study questions and/or answers, workbooks, textbooks, photocopies of articles, etc., that you would like to have available for your students at the library, please use the “Riverside Community College District Library Reserve Request Form”(available at the library) - then bring the items to the Circulation Dept. of your campus library. These items will be made available for student use within 3 working days.Students can see what has been placed on Reserve by searching the LAMP Online Catalog - Reserves. These items can be found under your last name, or the name of the course.

Inter-Campus Loan
Need a book from another campus’ library? We can have the book shipped over.Contact your Reference Librarian, or a Circulation Staff person. You will have your book within 3 working days. Books can be returned at any of the three campus libraries.

Inter-Campus Photocopies
Need an article from a journal not found on your campus - but present at another RCCD campus library?For $0.10 an exposure ($0.05 per micro-form photocopies) we will have a copy of the article sent from the other campus library.Please allow 5 working days for delivery.

Interlibrary Loan
If you need materials that are not available from any of the RCCD Campus libraries, you can request an Interlibrary Loan.There may be a cost to you for this service since many libraries charge the borrowing library to cover shipping and handling costs. Talk to the on-duty Reference Librarian to get the details. This service is not available to students.

Curriculum Development
Proposing a new course or program to the curriculum committee? The curriculum process now calls for a Joint Review of Library Resources, and the signature of the library designee. Call 951-222-8657 for more information.