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For Students and Faculty - RCCD_iNet

  1. On your device, find the wireless connection icon. It might look like one of these:
    Wireless Icon Sample   Wireless Icon Sample
  2. Find the wireless network you would like to connect to (e.g. RCCD_iNet)
  3. Click Connect
  • You will be prompted to login using your own username and password.    
    • Students: Use your student email address.

e.g. your email address is adavis19@student.rcc.edu, your username would be adavis19.

Your password is your 8-digit birthday in the MMDDYYYY format.

  • Staff & Faculty:Use your email's username and password.

For Non-Students - RCCD_Guest

This wireless service is for guests to access the network.  The guest account will allow users two hours of access before needing to login again by providing an email account. This new service is not yet available at any of the satellite campuses or district sites. RCCD_Guest was made possible using Measure C funds, replacing old wireless access points with the updated system.

Having problems connecting? Contact the RCCD Help Desk at (951) 222-8388 or helpdesk@rcc.edu