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Remote Access to Databases 24/7

Remote access allows current students, faculty, and staff to search the electronic resources at Norco from off-campus - 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. You will need a computer with Internet access.

Only current Norco College students, faculty, and staff have access to the Electronic Resources at Norco College.

If you are an employee or student at Moreno Valley College or Riverside City College, please go to the Electronic Resources web site for that college.

Please carefully read the log-in screen for details on your User ID and Password. You need to enter this information once per session.

User ID: 7-digit student number or faculty/staff Datatel number.

Password: First initial of your first name and up to six letters of your last name, all lower case with no spaces

Clarice Breckenridge = cbrecke
Alfred Ng = ang

Students - You are assigned a student ID number by the Registrar.
Faculty / Staff - You can obtain ID numbers from your IDS or Human Resources Department.