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Library 1 : Information Competency (1 Unit)

Information Competency is the ability to decide what information you need, find it effectively, and use it well.

Take our 1-unit course and learn how to improve your research skills.


LIB-1 - Information Competency 1 unit*
Prerequisite: None.

Presents the fundamentals of the effective use of libraries, electronic databases and retrieved information. Students will learn how to express information needs, access information from appropriate sources, evaluate retrieved data and organize it to solve problems. Information values and ethics will also be introduced.

*[Transfers to UC; Meets CSU information competency requirement]


  • Check WebAdvisor to get your registration date 1-2 months before the term begins. You will be able to register on or after this date.
  • Search for LIB 1on WebAdvisor.
  • On your registration date you will be able to register via WebAdvisor. New users will be asked to change their WebAdvisor password (originally your 6 digit date of birth, ex: 06-05-81). Adding and dropping can also be done with WebAdvisor.


Vivian Harris
Reference & Instruction Librarian