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    » Academic Search Premier
    Provides full text for journals, magazines and scholarly/peer-reviewed titles.

    » All Ebsco Databases
    Access to EBSCO Databases.

    » AltHealth Watch
    Find pamphlets, magazines, research reports and book excerpts on alternative approaches to health care and holistic medicine.

    » American Journal of Audiology
    Full text access from 2009 - present. Funded by a WIA grant.

    » American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology
    Full text access from 2009 - present. Funded by a WIA grant.

    » NEW Auto Repair Reference Center
    ARRC contains information on most major manufacturers of domestic and imported vehicles. Database content includes more than 37,000 vehicles covered from 1945 to present, millions of drawings and step-by-step photographs, approximately 110,000 technical service bulletins & recalls issued by the original equipment vehicle manufacturer, over 180,000 enhanced wiring diagrams for easy viewing and printing, specifications & maintenance schedules and more!

    » NEW Book Index with Reviews
    Book Index with Reviews (BIR) is a comprehensive database that provides information on over 5 million popular and classic book titles in a wide range of formats, including large print, books on tape, etc. Fiction and non-fiction titles are included in the database, in all genres. The product contains over 800,000 full-text searchable reviews. BIR also contains close to 700,000 music, DVD, and video titles, making it a great resource for finding multimedia materials.

    » Business Source Premier
    Includes full text coverage of articles on marketing, management, MIS, accounting, finance, economics and business.  Funded by Perkins Grant.

    » NEW Career and Technical Education Journals (ProQuest) Funded by a Perkins Grant Jan. 2012 - Dec. 2012.
    The database includes over 750 titles, with more than 650 available in full text on topics such as computing science, healthcare, building trades, auto mechanics, sales and retail, accounting, graphic design, and photography.

    » CINAHL Plus with Full Text
    Provides journals from the fields of nursing and allied health. Also featured are previews of new journal articles before they are available in CINAHL. Funded by a WIA Grant.

    » Communication & Mass Media Complete
    CMMC provides articles from journals, magazines and books.  

    » Country Watch
    Provides country specific geopolitical intelligence on each of the 191 countries of the world.

    » CQ Researcher
    Provides original in-depth analysis of major and controversial issues. Archives date back to 1991.

    » CRC Handbook of Chemistry & Physics
    Used for finding properties of inorganic and organic compounds. Also includes the latest CODAA/NIST values for fundamental physical constants and the new IUPAC standards for the pH scale for aqueous solutions. Funded by a Perkins Grant.

    » CRCnetBASE
    CRCnetBASE offers instant access to the world's premier scientific and technical references in subject areas ranging from agriculture to forensic science to occupational healthy & safety. Funded by a Perkins Grant.

    » Credo General Reference Books Funded by a WIA Grant.
    Access to 100 reference books online ranging in topics from the Atlas of the Universe to Mosby's Dental Dictionary to the Encyclopedia of the Human Genome.

    » Criminal Justice Abstracts (Ebsco)

    » Dentistry & Oral Sciences Source (Ebsco) Funded by a WIA Grant.

    » eBook Collection (Ebsco) - formerly NetLibrary
    Access digital full text versions of books such as reference works, scholarly monographs, literature and fiction. Includes publicly-accessible titles.

    » ebrary
    Access to online books in subjects such as nursing and allied health, computer technologies, business, law enforcement and criminal law. Funded by a WIA Grant.

    » NEW Education Journals (ProQuest) Funded by a Perkins Grant Jan. 2012 - Dec. 2012.
    Education Journals gives users access to over 900 top educational publications, including more than 600 of the titles in full text. ProQuest Education Journals covers not only the literature on primary, secondary, and higher education but also special education, home schooling, adult education, and hundreds of related topics.

    » ERIC
    Educational Resource Information Center indexes documents and articles. Some full-text.

    » Funk and Wagnall's New World Encyclopedia
    Provides encyclopedic entries covering a variety of subject areas.

    » Gale Virtual Reference Library
    Includes encyclopedias and specialized reference sources.

    » GreenFILE
    Covers all aspects of human impact to the environment. Includes scholarly, government and general interest titles on global warming, green building, pollution, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and recycling.

    » Health Source - Consumer Edition
    Provides articles from consumer health sources. Covers medical sciences, food sciences and nutrition, childcare, sports medicine and general health. Funded by a WIA Grant.

    » Health Source - Nursing/Academic Edition
    Provides some full text articles in scholarly/peer-reviewed journals from medical and nursing disciplines. Funded by a WIA Grant.

    » History Reference Center
    Provides access to full text of world history sources. Features include historical documents, biographies, reference books, encyclopedias, photos and maps.

    » U.S. History in Context (GALE)
    Provides primary and secondary sources on U.S. history from pre-colonial times to the present.

    » JAMA
    Find full text medical articles from The Journal of the American Medical Association. Funded by Perkins Grant.

    » Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research
    Full text access from 2009 - present. Funded by a WIA grant.

    » Language, Speech, and Hearing Research in Schools
    Full text access from 2009 - present. Funded by a WIA grant.

    » Learning Express
    Provides online interactive practice exams covering adult basic, academic, job related, civil service and  real estate skills.  Includes ebooks and guides that help with the career process.

    » Lexis Nexis (Newspapers)

    » Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts
    LISTA provides indexing to periodicals, books, research reports and proceedings on librarianship, classification, cataloging, online information retrieval and  information management.

    » Literary Reference Center (Ebsco)

    » Magill On Literature Plus
    Contains editorially reviewed critical essays, brief plot summaries and extended character profiles. Covers works by long and short fiction writers, poets, dramatists, essayists and philosophers.

    » Magill's Medical Guide
    Magills' Medical Guide is an online version of this critical health reference work. It contains hundreds of articles on a wide range of medical topics.

    » MAS Ultra - School
    Provides full text for popular, high school magazines, reference books, biographies, primary source documents. Includes an image collection of photos, maps and flags.

    » MasterFILE Premier
    Provides full text for general reference publications dating back to 1975, biographies and primary source documents. Contains an image collection of photos, maps and flags.

    » MEDLINE with Full Text
    Provides some full text on authoritative medical information on medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, the health care system and pre-clinical sciences. Funded by a WIA Grant.

    » Military & Government Collection
    Offers current news pertaining to all branches of the military and government, with a collection of periodicals, academic journals, and other pertinent content.

    » Newspaper Source
    Provides full text for 25 national (U.S.) & international newspapers, including The Christian Science Monitor, USA Today, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, The Times (London), Toronto Star, etc. Contains selected full text for many regional (U.S.) newspapers. Includes full text television & radio news transcripts.

    » NoodleTools
    A suite of interactive tools designed to aid students and professionals with their online research. Use NoodleBib to generate and edit MLA and APA-style lists. Get expert tips on how to cite sources and find information on the web with NoodleBoard.

    » Nursing & Allied Health (ProQuest)

    » Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center (no critical thinking module)
    Pro and con arguments for current social, political and scientific issues.  Provides facts, references, articles and links to appropriate web sites. The Critical Thinking Module supplements  the database  with interactive features, audio content and curriculum standards. Funded by a WIA Grant.

    » OVID eBook Collection
    55 groundbreaking titles in a wide ranges of subject areas from anatomy to pathophysiology and surgical care. Includes core clinical texts. Funded by a Perkins Grant.

    » Oxford Music Online
    Access information on music including composers, performers and music concepts. Funded by Basic Skills Grant.

    » Points of View Reference Center (Ebsco)

    » Primal Pictures Anatomy
    Provided by OVID, this is a 3D, multimedia, interactive anatomy database showing visual detail on how muscles function, move, and interact with bones. Funded by a Perkins Grant.

    » Primal Pictures 3D Head & Neck Dentistry
    Designed for dentists in training or practice, this module features over 100 3D views of head, neck, face, oral and nasal cavities, dentition, individual teeth in 3D and cross section, nerves, larynx and pharynx, sinuses, eye, brain and more. Funded by a Perkins Grant.

    » Primary Search
    Provides full text from popular, magazines for elementary school research dating back to 1990 and includes an assigned reading level indicator (Lexiles) for each article.

    » Professional Development Collection
    Provides a collection of full text education journals and reports. Includes peer reviewed articles.

    » Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection
    Covers articles on topics such as emotional and behavioral characteristics, psychiatry & psychology, mental processes, anthropology and observational & experimental methods.

    » Regional Business News
    Full text for regional business journals, newspapers, and news wires from all metropolitan and rural areas within the U.S.

    » Religion & Philosophy Collection
    Covers such topics as world religions, major denominations, biblical studies, religious history, epistemology, political philosophy, philosophy of language, moral philosophy and the history of philosophy. Offers many full text journals, including peer-reviewed titles.

    » NEW Safari Tech Books Online Funded by a Perkins Grant Jan. 2012 - Dec. 2012.
    Featuring over 11,800 titles, it covers the technologies most essential to users including certification, enterprise computing, Java, Linus/Unix, Web development, Windows, XML, and more.

    » NEW Searchasaurus - Elementary School
    Three popular primary education databases (Primary Search®, Middle Search® Plus and Book Collection: Nonfiction™) can be accessed via Searchasaurus®, EBSCO Publishing's user search experience for users in primary education. Searchasaurus is an exciting and easy way for young researchers to experience online searching. It is an animated interface with a dinosaur theme that encourages students to enhance and develop basic search methodologies.

    » NEW Student Research Center - High School & Middle School
    The Student Research Center provides students in secondary schools with the most appropriate research tools for easily obtaining the information that they seek from their EBSCO databases. Through the Student Research Center, users can easily pre-determine which content sources (e.g., Magazines, Newspapers, Biographies, Country Reports, Film & Video) will be included with their search.

    » Vocational and Career Collection
    Provides articles on finding and maintaining a career. Includes full text coverage for many trade and industry-related periodicals.