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Dr. Bernard Fradkin 2020 Scholarship Winner and Honorable Mentions

2020 Bernard Fradkin Library Scholarship 2020

The RCC Library is proud to present the winner and honorable mentions of this year's Dr. Bernard Fradkin Library Scholarship essay contest. Donations for the honorable mention recipients are courtesy of the daughters of Dr. Bernard Fradkin.  

The RCC Library established a scholarship in 2007 to assist a continuing Riverside City College student who has completed a minimum of 12 units at either of the 3 District colleges and whose college career or experience has been impacted by the RCC Library. The library’s faculty and staff renamed the scholarship to honor the exuberance, support, and advocacy of Dr. Bernard Fradkin upon his retirement in 2014.

Congratulations to this year’s recipients: Winner - John Husser, and Honorable Mentions: Samyra Faraj, Adam Maldonado, Yash Tyagi, Larissa Wellman, and Patrick Welsh. Please enjoy the following slides with excerpts from their award-winning essays.

Dr. Bernard Fradkin Library Scholarship

John Husser - Winner of the 2020 Dr. Bernard Fradkin Library Scholarship

“I am a returning student, and was a formerly incarcerated one at that when I started my academic career at RCC in Summer 2019. … Beyond some basic skills I was pretty much useless when it comes to manipulating modern information technology. Between that and the fact that essentially everything to do with modern college is done on computers and in some internet cloud somewhere, I would not have been able to complete English 1A if it had not been for the DLLRC. The librarians were absolutely amazing, and amazingly patient with me as a person who needed to be held by the hand and walked through every single tedious step of the various research processes repeatedly because I was such a neophyte.

I can honestly say that my ability to have success in my academic career at RCC from the outset comes down to the great assistance I got from the DLLRC. I am taking classes at this very moment because I did not drown in that first foray into college level work. I suspect that this is true for a substantial percentage of the student body at any given time … that the DLLRC continues to be of crucial importance to student success at RCC.”

2020 Fradkin Scholarship Winner

Samyra Faraj - Honorable Mention of the 2020 Dr. Bernard Fradkin Library Scholarship

“The digital library at riverside city college has helped me out tremendously throughout my years as a student. I remember coming to California in 2016 with no support or knowledge of the area. I applied to this establishment and walked into the library to check things out. To my pleasant surprise, I found that the staff and volunteers were so kind and inviting, and made me feel welcomed.

The environment really can boost a student’s morale during the semester. I found this to be useful to me when going through good times and hard times during my schooling. The library provided a safe environment and a place for students to gather for projects, discussions, or alone time to study. I must admit that the nursing section is very useful for me as they have designated computer stations to cater specifically to our needs.

In conclusion, I have had such a positive experience at the riverside city college digital library. I am thankful to have a place on campus where I can come for different reasons and get everything accomplished that I wanted to accomplish. I am thankful for the friendly staff, the students who give up their time to help with questions, and the students of the school for coming together. Part of my success as a student is because I have such a great resource here at the digital library.”

Honorable Mention Fradkin Scholarship Samyra Faraj

Adam Maldonado - Honorable Mention of the 2020 Dr. Bernard Fradkin Library Scholarship

“Normally people do not think of a library as a place where lives change. In my case, my life has changed a bit for the better thanks to the DLLRC.

What really got me interested in this library was the resources that the DLLRC has. After taking an Intro to Information Literacy I quickly learned the exciting ways the library could be used to my advantage.

[The librarians and staff] are there for the students who need some guidance or need a place of peace to help concentrate on their big test. The DLLRC is there for people following their dreams, and I strongly believe that if you are able to experience the abundance of resources the DLLRC has to offer, you are truly going to be appreciative of the work behind it all.”


Yash Tyagi - Honorable Mention of the 2020 Dr. Berand Fradkin Library Scholarship

“Digital Library/Learning Resource Center of Riverside City College has been an important center of campus for not just me, but I believe many other students. Library has always been one of the most important places in any educational institute, and I have realized the importance of Digital Library/Learning Resource Center in the first semester. It has played a major role in my day-to-day college life.

 Digital Library/Learning Resource Center is definitely my favorite place on the campus because it has everything; a perfect central point for all kinds of reading, access to information, knowledge building, deep thinking, and lively discussion. Something which makes the library way more special for me is that I can use fast-speed internet and printers to find information, write and print all my assignments in one go. The library has made my life easier and has helped in keeping my love for reading alive.”

Larissa Wellman - Honorable Mention of the 2020 Dr. Barnard Fradkin Library Scholarhip

“Going back to school was a new world for me, I felt like a first-time student again. I didn’t know anyone so after class I went straight to the library to work on homework. The Digital Library and Learning Resources Center soon became where I spent my time if I wasn’t in class.  One time a library staff member helped make a flyer. She told me about a class for graphic design that she thought would be great for me. She also let me know anytime she is there, she would be more than happy to critique my flyer. This is above and beyond what I ever expected to happen just by struggling to print something one day.”

Patrick Welsh - Honorable Mention of the 2020 Dr. Bernard Fradkin Library Scholarship

“The counselor that helped me schedule my first set of classes recommended that I take Lib-1, being that I hadn’t seen the inside of a library in thirty-five years, this was a godsend. During my second term, I took English 1A, and the library studies paid off big time, so much that my Professor asked me to give a presentation on how to use the digital library, additionally, he attempted to have the course set as a prerequisite for his class. The information availability enabled me to get an A in the class and a B in English 1B.”


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